Are you battling to get on top of a cockroach infestation in your home? Well, roach gel baits might be just the solution you have been searching for. It’s simple to use, it goes a long way, and most importantly it kills the roaches. So keep reading to find out all you need to know about getting rid of roaches with gel bait. I will explain exactly how it affects the roaches and how to apply it properly. You will also learn about some of the different kinds of roach gel bait available, which is the most effective and why. Here are the questions and answers you need to know:

What it is

If you’ve never heard of roach gel before, don’t worry it’s not too much different from toothpaste gel. It comes in a tube containing 30g of gel or a bigger one which is 60g. Usually a plunger is supplied when you purchase the gel. This fits onto the back of the tube and as you press it in gently you will squeeze the gel out through the little pointed nozzle on the other end. You may also opt to buy a professional bait gun which fits onto the tube and helps you to apply the gel quickly and efficiently.

How it Works

roach baitAll roach gel baits contains active ingredient such as Indoxacarb or Hydramethylnon, which is toxic to cockroaches. The roaches are attracted by the smell and taste of the bait and they think it is something delicious to eat, little knowing that it will probably be their last meal. When the roaches nibble on the gel they do not die immediately. First they return to their harbourage area where they can then contaminate up to forty other roaches. The toxin is spread when they come into contact with each other, or in the feces, or when the cockroaches feed on the bodies of their poisoned peers. In this way, gel can be very effective in striking a serious and far reaching blow to a roach population.

Where to use it

Besides being excellent for use in residential homes, roach gel baits can also be used in commercial or industrial buildings; including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, factory warehouses, supermarkets, and schools. It may even be used to get rid of roaches on various modes of transport such as aeroplanes, trains, busses and ships. In fact, wherever you have a cockroach problem, you can consider using roach gel bait. They are that versatile.

How to use it

Once you have decided to take the plunge to use roach baits, here are the three simple steps you need to follow.

Prepare your area

It’s no use putting the gel down if you still have lots of other bits of food lying around. So the first step is to thoroughly clean your area, making sure that you sweep out all the crumbs which may have collected behind appliances. You don’t want anything to compete with the gel bait, making sure that the roaches will automatically go for the bait. You would also need to clear out your drawers and cabinets so that you can apply the gel on the inside.

Roaches need water even more than food, so they are attracted to any water sources, especially in the bathroom or kitchen. Try to eliminate leaks or standing water which they may use to quench their thirst. Don’t leave water standing in the pet’s bowl. Take a towel and wipe out the sink so that there are no clinging droplets of water. Once you have cleaned and prepared your area, you are ready for step two:

Assemble your tools

Now you need to take your tube of roach gel bait and unscrew the stopper then screw the tip or nozzle in place. Insert the plunger into the other end. If you have chosen the bait gun option, then attached it now onto the tube in place of the plunger. Remember to have a little piece of paper towel handy to wipe off any excess blobs of gel which may collect on the tip. Now you are all ready to start applying the gel.

Apply the gel

The main thing to remember is that you want to make tiny little blobs, about the size of a small raisin. Do not be tempted to squirt a whole long strip of gel, as the roaches will simply avoid this, regarding it as a ‘barrier’ rather than a food source. In fact, if you have a heavy infestation you only need about three to five spots of gel per ten linear feet, and if the infestation is moderate, all you need is one to three spots of gel per ten linear feet.

So as you go through your kitchen, place the blobs of gel anywhere that you think the roaches may frequent; along the back of shelves, inside drawers and cabinets, in cracks and crevices, on door hinges. The small dabs of bait should be spaced about eight to ten inches apart, in the corners of drawers, along the edges and don’t forget the undersides of cabinets, drawers and shelves.

Now that you have applied the roach gel bait in the prime areas of your home such as the kitchen and bathroom, all you have to do is wait for the roaches to start dying. Waiting is an important part because while this stuff works very well, it takes time to really see the full effects.

Different Kinds of Roach Baits

Yes, there are various types and kinds of roach gel bait available on the market. Some trustworthy names include:

  • Maxforce
  • Hot Shot
  • Advion

They all contain an active ingredient, which kills the roaches, but not all the gels are equally effective. Cockroaches can sometimes, become averse or resistant towards a specific gel with time . Should that happen, they won’t touch it at all anymore and you’ll need to switch to a different brand.

Some gels also react badly to heat and become too liquid to apply properly. When choosing which gel bait to use, you need to be sure that you’re using something you can trust. Not all gel baits are created equal and you do get what you pay for. Avoid the cheapest stuff you can buy, and get something that will cost a little more, but won’t’ disappoint.

The Best Roach Bait Gel

When it comes to beating the roaches, you can’t beat Advion roach bait gel. This gel targets all the main species of cockroach including the German, American, Australian, Smoky-Brown, Asian and Brown-Banded cockroaches. Advion is the gel of choice used by the pest control professionals and exterminators to get the best results. It has also received the best reviews. If you don’t have experience using gel baits, give Advion and try and in a few months, you’ll find out for yourself why I think Advion is the best roach gel bait you can buy.

Why struggle any longer with roaches in your living space? Get yourself some roach gel bait as soon as possible and follow the steps described above. Then sit back and relax while the bait gets to work and pretty soon you will be able to clean up the dead roaches and enjoy your pest free home once again.