There’s something intrinsically irresistible about setting a trap and waiting for a catch, and it’s no different with cockroach traps. When you are up against an intruder, or a whole hoard of intruders, it’s time to call forth the hunter in you, and set to work making and setting your traps. You can’t simply let the disgusting little creatures run rife in your home. After all, they are known to carry diseases and germs, so the sooner you do something to get rid of them, the better.

You could go down to the home improvement store (or online) and buy some commercial cockroach traps. Or if you’re up to it, you can give it a go yourself and make your own traps. You can even do both.

The Only Roach Trap You Need to Buy

cockroach trapsYou can find a few different types of roach traps if you look hard enough, but glue boards, the most common, is all you’ll really need. It is in my opinion, the best cockroach trap you can buy. A glue trap is a very simple trap. You have a piece of cardboard and a layer adhesives. Any cockroach that walks into the adhesive is trapped. It is stuck and is unable to escape. All of them will struggle, but most of them end up dying. Maybe once in a blue moon, one escapes.

To get the most out of your glue traps, you will want to do two things. One, you need to place the traps in high traffic areas. The best way to find these is through careful observation. Where do you see the most cockroaches? Place a few traps there. Two, you will want to use a bait. Add a small amount of what they love eating most in the center of the adhesives. Make sure they have to step on the glue to reach the food.

Homemade Roach Traps

Here are some ideas to get you started as you try your hand at some creative cockroach traps you can make yourself.

Duct tape trap

Duct tape is useful for so many things, and you can even use it to make a cockroach trap! Make sure that you have a fresh roll which is still nice and sticky. Unwind a fairly long strip and carefully lay it down with the sticky side facing upwards. Now you need to place a small piece of bait somewhere in the centre of the duct tape. Cockroaches are really not particular about what they will eat, but if it has a strong smell they are more likely to be attracted. A wedge of raw onion works well, or a blob of peanut butter or tomato sauce. Now all you need to do is wait for the roaches to walk onto the duct tape and then their legs will become stuck and in a short while you should find your piece of duct tape crawling with trapped cockroaches.

Glass jar trap

This homemade cockroach trap is a bit easier to handle and move around than the duct tape. All you need is an empty medium sized glass jar such as a mayonnaise or pickle jar. Then you take some petroleum jelly or Vaseline and smear it generously on the inside of the jar just underneath the opening where it curves outwards. This is to prevent the roaches from climbing out after they get inside the jar. It will be too slippery so they will not be able to get a grip and clamber out. Now you drop a little bait into the jar, preferably something with a pungent smell like banana peel, onions or overripe fruit. Just don’t put too much in or the roaches might be able to use it to climb or jump out. You might want to wrap the outside of the jar with a few strips of masking tape which will help the cockroaches to climb up and then fall right into the jar where they will be trapped.

Long-necked bottle trap

This is diy roach trap variation of the glass jar trap and works in a similar manner, except this time you would use a wine bottle with a long neck. Leave a few teaspoons of red wine or some beer in the bottom of the jar. The fermented smell will attract the roaches and then they will fall down the long neck into the bottom of the bottle and will then be unable to crawl back out again. You might like to smear some oil or Vaseline around the opening of the bottle to ensure a slippery reception for any roaches which might try to get back up.

Plastic bottle trap

For this kind of cockroach trap you will take an empty plastic cool drink bottle and cut off the top section about a third of the length below the lid. Now smear Vaseline around the inside of the bottom section. Take the part that you just cut off and turn it around, inserting it into the bottom section to form a kind of funnel. Make sure the little lid is off. If the two pieces do not fit snugly together, take some tape and stick them together. Now you can drop a few pieces of bait through the funnel into the bottom section below. Roaches are not fussy about food so anything will do, even dog pellets, or bread with some peanut butter on. Leave your trap out and pretty soon the roaches will be lining up to take their slide down the funnel.

Margarine tub trap

This is probably the simplest and easiest cockroach trap of all – you don’t even need any bait! Take a plastic margarine tub or any similar tub and place about three centimetres of water in the bottom. Cockroaches can’t live without water for very long so they will be attracted to this water source. But once they fall into the tub they will not be able to climb out and then they will drown in the water.

How to Maximize Results

For the best results with these cockroach traps you would probably need to use several at a time and place them strategically around your home. Some of the favourite places frequented by roaches would include counter tops, behind kitchen cabinets, next to or under the stove, under the sink or in dark corners. It is important to keep a careful watch on the traps, empty them out and reset them regularly. If you notice that the bait is not being taken in one area, try moving your trap to another place and see if you get a better harvest there.

Precautions to Take When Using Roach Traps

The great thing about all of these traps described above is that none of them contains harmful or toxic chemicals. Nevertheless, as cockroaches can carry diseases, you might like to wear some gloves when you come to empty out the traps. It is good to keep cleaning them out often. You may want to make sure the roaches are really dead before you just toss them out into the trash (especially if you’re using the homemade roach traps). If you are using jar traps, some people like to pour boiling water over the roaches to make sure they are dead. I’m not too fond of this idea, but if you do try it, be very careful not to burn yourself.

Now what to use when it comes to cockroach traps. Get those traps going and start eliminating those roaches in your house once and for all. Don’t forget to get rid of them even faster by combining traps with another method.