How to Get Rid of Roaches

Got a roach problem? Find out how to get rid of roaches; here and now. Don’t give them the time and the chance. They can reproduce and explode their numbers very quickly. Hit them hard and hit them with the right stuff to make sure you put a stop to them permanently. I’ll tell you what to do, what to use, and how to use them correctly, so make sure you read on to find out how to deal with this problem the right way.

Analyze Your Situation

The very first thing you need to do when trying to deal with your cockroach problem is to thoroughly analyze it. You need to get a general idea of how big your problem is. The best way to do this is to observe and look for a few things that will help tell you how bad your roach problem is.

Sightings during the day

how to get rid of roaches like theseOne thing to look for are cockroach sightings during the day. Do you see some of them crawling around during the day? Roaches are nocturnal creatures, so you don’t usually see them out during the day. If you don’t see them during the day then you can count that as good news. If you do see them the day, then that’s real bad news; you have a serious infestation.

Don’t panic if you do see them during the day and don’t rejoice if you don’t. Just because you don’t spot them moving around during the day doesn’t mean you don’t have cockroaches. You probably do (which is why you’re here looking for answers); it just hasn’t gotten to that point yet. But regardless of how big your cockroach problem is, how you deal with them is still the same. The only difference is the amount of effort and the amount of time it will take to get their numbers under control and to eradicate them from your home.

Cockroach droppings

Another thing to look for are cockroach droppings. They look similar to fine coffee grounds, or finely crushed black pepper. Look for them in dark corners of your home and especially in your cabinets. If you spot these in areas where you know for sure you didn’t spill coffee grounds/black pepper then there’s a good chance you have yourself some cockroach droppings. The more you find them, the greater their numbers are.

Best way to tell

Daytime sightings and cockroach droppings are sure signs you should keep an eye out for, but the best way to see if you have roaches and how much you’re dealing with is to actually catch some. The more you catch, the bigger your problem. The easiest way to catch them is with the sticky glue traps. Buy them in bulk, and place them in the kitchen and other dark corners of your home.

Wait a day and check on them. Take note of how many you’ve caught. The next day, check on them again and take note of how many you’ve caught. It’s a good idea to write down their numbers if you can. If you catch a bunch of them in the first couple of days, you don’t need to continue further to determine that you’ve got a lot of them to deal with. But if you’re only catching a few, you may want to leave the traps there for a few more days.

Don’t throw out the traps just yet. You may or may not want to keep the traps around depending on the removal method you choose to use. If you’re using a contact killer (like sprays) then you can keep them there. If you’re using roach baits, or boric acid then you need to remove the traps or it will interfere with them.

Prepare Your Home for War

Don’t just rush in and start using a pesticide. You need to make preparations and prepare your home for the war you are about to wage against your invaders. Preparation is essential, but a lot of people make the mistake of skipping it because most people do not talk about this critical step when they’re teaching others how to get rid of roaches.

The first thing you need to do is close off possible entry points where cockroaches can enter from the outside. These include small gaps, cracks, etc. I like to use a can of expanding foam to fill in these cracks and openings.

The next thing you need to do is clean up the house and limit access to food (for the roaches). Clean up any clutter. This is especially true in the kitchen.

Cleaning up is something you need to do every single day. You need to clean up before you head off to bed for the night. Sweep/vacuum any crumbs on the floors, tables, counters, etc. Make sure there is no food left out. If you can fit it in the fridge, place it in there. If you can’t, make sure it’s covered thoroughly, or placed in a container where it will be hard for the roaches to get access to.

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

how to kill cockroaches and see more of thisLook for how to get rid of roaches and you’ll find a lot of different ways to do so. Sure you can just try one and see how it goes; because they’re all the same right? Wrong! Some work better than others, and there are some that just don’t work at all. You don’t want to waste your time experimenting. I’m here to help you skip all the guess work. I recommend one of the methods listed below because they work the best (from my personal experience).

Roach baits

Roach baits are my favorite way to get rid of roaches and it is the one I really recommend the most. The best roach bait I have used so far is Advion. It’s a professional grade solution that you can’t find in most places like your local home improvement stores. Back then, you would have to either be a professional pest exterminator, or knew one to get your hands on these, but thanks to the internet, you can buy them straight from Amazon.

I trust, and recommend roach baits like Advion because of their chain killing effect. When a cockroach eats the bait, it dies from the poison. However, the poison isn’t fast acting and sometimes, it can take up to a couple days for the poison to take effect and kill the affected cockroach. This gives it plenty of time to return to the nest and potentially die there. That’s what you want because cockroaches will eat their own that has fallen. When they do, they in turn get poisoned as well.

If you’re using the roach bait gels like Advion, all you need is a small dot of the gel in various spots in the house. Some good locations include:

  • Behind the garbage can
  • Behind/under major appliances
  • Along baseboards
  • Behind/under small appliances
  • Under cabinets
  • Inside the kitchen cabinets
  • Under major furnitures

In the kitchen, I like to apply a dot of the gel every feet or two along the baseboards. This gives me coverage of the entire room. Why the kitchen? Because this room is their favorite place in your entire house. If you have a basement, the basement is also a good place to apply a little more roach bait.

Contact killers

Contact killers like DemonWP, are pesticide sprays that will usually attack the central nervous system of an affected cockroach and kill it within just minutes. There are many different brands out there, but I like DemonWP. You will also find different pesticides with various names (but the same effect), but the one I have always used is cypermethrin.

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pesticide that works just as well as the natural permethrin it mimics, but has much longer persistence. Persistence means it stays effective. Many brands claim their product will persist and stay effective up to three months, but I always re-spray every 30 days at the longest.

Regardless of which brand you choose, make sure read the labels correctly and buy the most concentrated product you can afford, and get your hands on. DemonWP is 40%, but a lot of the stuff you can buy locally at a brick and mortar store are fairly weak at under 10% or even 5%.

If you buy a concentrate (and you should) then you will also need a pump sprayer. Most concentrates will need to be mixed with water. The sprayer will allow you to apply just the right amount very quickly. If you try to apply this stuff without a sprayer, you’ll end up wasting a lot and in the long run, you will be spending way more money than the small amount you spend on the sprayer.

Spray along the baseboards of your house and where the wall and the floor meets. Be careful not so spray any surfaces you use to prepare food and be very careful not to get these on any food, or eating/cooking utensils. When spraying in the kitchen, put everything away and cover up anything that you can’t put away. Also wash any cooking and eating items after spraying the pesticide.

You should also spray an outside barrier as well to help keep more roaches from making their way inside. Spray along the base of the foundation. Spray around windows and doors as well. If you spot any small openings, gaps, cracks, etc. that could allow them entrance into your house, note these spots. Come back afterwards and close them up with caulk or expanding foam.

It isn’t recommended to use contact killers on the inside of the house if you’re using roach baits, or boric acid (below). Contact killers kill too fast and will reduce the chain killing effects that make those two desirable. You can still spray the outside to create that bug barrier though.

Boric acid

Boric acid is a natural alternative to roach baits, and synthetic pesticide sprays. It works also just as well as roach baits because it has the same chain killing effect. It’s a little more work to apply it though. You can buy it in the form of a fine powder.

To get it to work, a cockroach has to make contact with the powder (such as walk over it). That means you have to dust surfaces where a cockroach is likely to move through. This is where most people who use boric acid fail. They apply way too much boric acid. To get the maximum result with this, the layer of boric acid has to be so thin, it’s almost hard to tell without looking real hard. This is kind of hard to achieve without the use of a special dusting bulb.

If you want to use boric acid, you should buy the dusting bulb to make things go faster and to avoid minimizing your results. You will want to dust along the baseboards; right where the floor meets the walls. Remember the traps we were talking about earlier? That step will really help because you will be applying boric acid to the areas where you caught he most roaches. Also be sure to dust the garage can each night before you go to bed.

For more details about how to get rid of roaches using boric acid, you can read this page.
Take the same precautions as mentioned above for spraying contact killing pesticides. While boric acid is natural, and isn’t particularly toxic in very small amounts, you still want to exercise caution and avoid accidental ingestion.

Assess Your Treatment & React Accordingly

After you apply your chosen method to get rid of cockroaches, you need to give it time to do its job. For roach baits, and boric acid, it can take at least a month to start noticing a large decline in their population. If you chose to spray instead, it should be a little sooner than that.

Continue to apply your removal method on a regular basis; as needed. Boric acid is really the only thing you will need to keep dusting if it is disturbed, or gets wet. Roach baits will last for at least a month. Don’t let it sit out too long because it can harden. Once a month or so, remove the old baits, and apply new baits. As for the sprays, you really only to spray pesticides once a month.

After a couple of weeks, start observing to see if there’s been a dent in the number of cockroaches. Keep track of things in a written log. A good time to really gauge their numbers is late in the night after you’ve shut off the lights for a while. The kitchen is always a good place to check. Switch the lights on and quickly glance to see how many roaches you are seeing compared to before you started applying treatment. You can do this every night if you’d like to, but at least once a week is enough.

What to Do if it's Not Working

If after 2-3 months, there has been no decline in their population at all, you need to stop and assess why it is not working. Some questions you need to ask yourself at this point include:

  • Have you really taken the efforts to make sure your home was cleaned every night and there was as little access to food as possible? This step is critical to successfully removing cockroaches from your home.
  • Have you closed off as many possible entry points as possible? Doing this really does help prevent more from coming in.
  • Did you make sure to maintain consistent treatments of your chosen method? This is probably the most important step. If you didn’t’ maintain your treatments, it’s not going to work.
  • Are you using a different brand different from the ones I recommended? I recommended those brands because they have proven to be the most effective from my experience. Make sure you are using professional grade, and highly concentrated pesticides. The cheap and diluted stuff you can easily find locally just doesn’t work very well.

If you can honestly answer that you’ve cleared all of those questions with flying colors, then perhaps the method you have chosen just isn’t working. This can happen to an unlucky few. Try switching to a different removal method on this list. Rinse and repeat again. Also be sure to check out the other in-depth articles here to make sure you are properly armed with the knowledge you'll need to come out of this victorious.

Read These Other In-depth Articles

If your initial chosen method isn't producing the results you were hoping for, make sure you read through these in-depth articles. They will cover topics that are essential to know if you are to be able to successfully eliminate your cockroach infestation. For the best results the first time around, I actually recommend you read through them first before you attempt to get rid of those roaches. Having the knowledge and knowing these topics thoroughly will allow you to respond accordingly and make sure you don't have to spend more time than necessary to get rid of these pests.

Follow these steps on how to get rid of roaches carefully. I know there’s a lot of information to go through, but they are all vital to successfully eradicating these pests. Read the other pages on this site too because the more you know, the easier it will be for you to solve this problem. Remember to clean up every night, and continue to treat and monitor. Be patient and give it time because there is no instant fix to a cockroach infestation. Keep in mind that this works, if you put in the effort.