For those of you, who knows the horrors of living in a home invaded by pests, I know your pain. I too have known the horrors, and I’m confident I have not seen the last of them. That’s why I’ve created this website to be:

  • a central collection of information relevant to the topic of getting rid of common house pests (roaches, mice, etc.)
  • freely accessible by anyone, from anywhere

It is my goal to make sure the information here is as accurate as I can tell. If you find that something isn’t correct, please kindly let me know through my contact form. I am not a professional pest exterminator. I am a victim just like you. However, I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with these pests in my many years of having been on this earth. The information I share on this website is based from my personal experience and knowledge I learned through personal exploratory research.

Before you browse through the rest of the website, please read through my disclaimer and my privacy policy first.